Dyson provides multiple different versions of battery-powered vacuum cleaners that are very similar: DC62, V6, V6 Animalpro, V6 Fluffy. I analyze the compatibility of various vacuum cleaner models and their attachments. I gather information that would enable me to mix-and-match various vacuum cleaner engines with attachments in case a wanted attachment does not come in the box.

Dyson DC62 and V6 Vacuum Cleaners

In the table, I summarize the versions of Dyson vacuum cleaners and their standard set of attachments that you can find in the box.

Src Model Basic Carpet-E Mini-E Soft-E Wall-mount Filter Other
D DC62 Extra Yes Yes 21cm Yes No Yes No Passive attachment set (passive)
D DC62 Animalpro Yes Yes 21cm No No Yes No Hardfloor (passive)
D Digital Slim Yes Yes 25cm No No Yes No
A v6 Yes Yes 21cm No Yes? No?
D v6 Motorhead Yes Yes 25cm? No No Yes Yes
D v6 Trigger+ Yes No Yes No No No
D v6 Car+Boat Yes No Yes No No No Car charger + passive attachment set
D v6 Animal Pro TV Yes Yes 25cm Yes No Yes Yes passive attachments + flex pipe + Bag
D v6 Animal Pro+ Yes Yes 25cm Yes No Yes Yes
A v6 Absolute Yes Yes 25cm? No No Yes Yes Hardfloor (passive)
A v6 Total Clean Yes Yes 21cm? Yes Yes Yes Yes
D v6 Mattress Yes No No No No HEPA Special Mattress (powered)
D v6 Fluffy Yes No No Yes Yes No! -

Sources of information:

  • [D] Dyson webpage description
  • [A] Various Amazon descriptions


  • Basic: combination tool and crevice tool - available in probably all sets
  • Carpet-E: motorized (E) brush for carpet cleaning
  • Mini-E: motorized (E) brush for sofa cleaning
  • Soft-E: motorized (E) brush for hard-floor cleaning
  • Wall-mount: accessory to mount Dyson on a wall
  • Filter: type of post-engine dust filter
  • and other accessories that are specific to a given model

Compatibility table

Here, I specify which attachment fits onto a given model, so that you can buy attachments that do not come in the box by default.


  • 'yes' = comes with.
  • 'fits' = The attachment fits this model.
  • see footnotes for additional information.
Model Carpet-E Mini-E Soft-E Mattress-E
DC62 Extra yes yes fits* should
DC62 Animalpro yes ? fits* should
Digital Slim yes ? ? should
v6 yes should should should
v6 Motorhead yes should should should
v6 Trigger+ should yes should should
v6 Car+Boat should yes should should
v6 Animal Pro TV yes yes should should
v6 Animal Pro+ yes yes should should
v6 Absolute yes should should should
v6 Total Clean yes yes yes should
v6 Mattress fits* fits* fits* yes
v6 Fluffy no* no yes no*

*) Tried by myself.

My Current Dyson Setup

I currently use Dyson V6 Mattress (Model 209432-01; priced 150€), which I extended using the following attachments:

  • Dyson Extension Pipe (Model 965663-01) - 20€
  • Dyson Soft Roller Cleaner (Model 966489-01) - 60€
  • Dyson Motorized Brush for Carpet Cleaning (Model 949852-05) - 45€
  • Dyson Wall Mount (Model 965876-01) - 23€