Who needs BibSpace?

Henry Paperwriter is a researcher at the University. Together with his research mates, he works on novel algorithms. Henry's team publishes a lot of papers, but only several are visible. Reason for this is that the most of publishers do not publish pdf files online for free. Henry is forbidden to upload papers to Research Gate or arxiv because it may violate the copyrights of the publishers. Henry can upload only the pre-printed version of a paper to his personal or university webpage. Henry has no clue how to do it, so he prepares a static html webpage with all his and his colleagues papers. The page grows and keeping it up-to-date is hell and consumes a lot of time that could be spent for new research. Henry needs a unified solution to manage his papers on the webpage. Henry needs BibSpace. You need it too!

BibSpace features

An amazing web application, allowing you to easily manage online presence of your research. It handles any research activity as long as you can encode it as BibTeX entry. Some examples of entries in BibSpace:

  • Research papers in journals, magazines, conference proceedings,
  • Technical reports and manuals,
  • Patents,
  • Online resources,
  • Newsletters and online articles,
  • Books, book chapters (as an author, editor, or supporting editor),
  • Media presence: radio auditions, tv shows, newspaper interviews,
  • Talks and presentations,
  • Bachelor and master theses,
  • PhD Dissertations,
  • Anything that may be presented as BibTex!

Manage, tag, and promote online

It is fully up to you how your work is presented. You may categorize your publication, add hierarchical tags. Moreover, attract more readers by uploading a pdf file to your paper (normally allowed only on private author pages), slides of your conference presentation, video of your speech or link any other online resource. The only limiting factor are the capabilities of BibTeX.

Tag clouds help you to show in which research branches you work and where do you usually publish. Research map for your group? No problem! BibSpace will generate it for you and keep updated.

BibSpace will automatically extract the authors of your entry so you may group them into teams and create lists for your group. The draft entries may be hidden in the frontend while you may polish them in the backend until you say they are ready.

Got best paper award? Congratulations! Don't forget to set it in BibSpace so that others may easier find your best work. Your awards stand out of the list and boost your scientific prestige.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your research

BibSpace processes your entries and prepares special landing page for Google Scholar bot so that your papers are easily indexed. Everything is implemented using exclusively white-hat techniques proposed directly by Google Scholar.

Get more citations

Visitors may easily browse your papers and copy specially prepared BibTeX code into their work. You score citations more easily as the authors impressed by your science don't need to google for yours paper BibTeX code. BibSpace prepares a one click link to show and hide the BibTeX code for your paper. BibTeX citation entries published by ACM, IEEE or Google Scholar are often incomplete or messy. Using BibSpace, you may provide all information you want including attachments, media, and abstract.

Export your scientific resume

Do you manage your list of all papers in a plain text file? Good, but with BibSpace you may do it easier and faster! All your papers are categorized (journal, magazine, conference), tagged, and sorted. You may export a good old plain text files with all your BibTeX entries at once or select a part of your work (e.g., papers published with your colleague). Such files may serve as a ready-to-paste code for your grant proposal or cv where you need to present your work.

One system to rule them all

For larger research groups BibSpace provides a great help to follow the newest changes of your co-workers. You may easily blame your colleague for destroying your url or compete with your boss who will publish more this year (better don't do this). All changes in your BibSpace instance are listed, so you can track syntax bugs and improve the entries in few simple clicks. Everything is logged, so system crashes are easy to track and fix in a short time.

Open source and extensible

BibSpace is written in Perl and is fully open source. You are invited to contribute code, bug reports, or feature requests. You may also fork it and do whatever you like thanks to the Apache 2.0 license. Just visit the Github BibSpace repository and have a peek at the code. Piotr (it's me!) is currently the only developer of BibSpace. Join me and let's make BibSpace better!

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